Imported birch plywood standard Carb P2 or E0 is widely used in the production of export and domestic furniture. Currently, plywood warehouse of Dao Bach in Binh Duong is available for imported birch plywood (also called […]

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MDF Boards

Available MDF boards: – MDF board E2: Suitable for manufacturing interior decorations for Vietnam or Korea, India … Used in construction of houses and apartments. Thickness: from 1.8mm to 25mm. Made in Thailand or Vietnam. Specifications: […]

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Ván MDF chống ẩm màu xanh, chống chịu nước tốt. Phù hợp thi công các công trình vùng khí hậu ẩm,gần các nguồn nước….

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PB (okal)

PB board is cheaper than MDF board. However, the mechanical and physical properties are still very good and stable, so it is an appropriate choice for many furniture and contructions. Currently, Dao Bach has PB domestic […]

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